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Mark Koranda

Cognition of Language Use

We use language to accomplish specific tasks, often to communicate information. As a tool, linguistic knowledge is extremely complex, and yet communication is often spontaneous. My research investigates the various “shortcuts” we unknowingly take to meet the demands of communication. Currently, I am a dissertator in the Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I am researching biases in how words come to mind.

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Deaf and Military Writing

Much of my research is influenced by my identity and culture. You can get both an introduction and deep dive into these from my blog. I explore aspects of Deaf culture and military identity.

Skilled Reflection

Language is a powerful tool. It is also a dangerous one. We can be lured into many linguistic vices like fantasies and false news. With Skilled Reflection the power of language can help clarify reality through critical investigation of our individual experiences.


For a non-verbal experience, check out the photography at Soul Snap.